Markus Stone

My Philosophy

Versatility, Scalability & Flexibility


I'm fascinated by the entire film-making process and in my 20 or so years in the film industry I have worked in almost all departments and all sectors of the industry including; features, broadcasts, TVC, series, documentary and corporates in a multitude of roles that includes; technical producer, head of production, composer, cinematographer, writer, visual effects artist, stereographer and of course, director. The culmination of my accumulated experiences allows me to speak anyone's language.


Would that shot look better if we could track out that car in the background? No problem. Want to re-voice a part? No problem. Want to change the edit? Tweak the grade? Shoot an extra shot? No problem. Whether it's a big or little show, having someone with a diverse skill-set can mean the difference between getting what you want and 'just living with it'.


I know what it's like to lead a team on a large show. I also know what it's like to be a one man band. I've seen projects of both sizes through to global audiences and commercial success.

No matter what your production calls for, I can help deliver the positive outcomes you're looking for.