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Amphibious Wins "Best Feature" at 3D Stereo Media European 3D Film Festival

Inition News

"...Brian Yuzna's Amphibious, a 3D horror movie from Komodo Films which has won "Best Feature" at the 3D Stereo Media European Film Festival. Inition's Head of Production for the Asia Pacific,Markus Stone, was the lead stereographer and headed the 3D department..."

Inition to broadcast Rugby World Cup 2011 in 3D

IF Magazine

"...'It's better than the best seats in the house – it's like being on the pitch with the players' says Inition Asia Pacific's Head of Production, Markus Stone. 'the mobile railcam and stedicam will add a whole new dimension to 3D sports coverage making it a more dynamic and immersive experience'..."

3D Coral Sea Test

Dive Log Magazine

'...our especially trained crew have enhanced their specialised skills with the new technology. Recently returned from the first sea trials expedition to the Coral Sea, the 3D team was composed of some 3D film industry specialists and performed very well handling all the new equipment...'

Inition Onboard for 3D Shark Shocker

Inition News

'...Markus Stone, Inition's Asia Pacific Head of Production, and lead Stereographer on the shoot said: "Intensive pre-production planning and choosing the right gear for the job ensured shooting ran smoothly. All the live 3D encoding on set was handled by Inition's Stereobrain Processor and we were able to shoot up to 40 setups per day, on a wet and logistically challenging set." Bait is about a freak tsunami which hits a small town on the Gold Coast, trapping people in a flooded underground supermarket with a pack of man-eating sharks...'

Award Winning 3D Feature in Extreme Environments for 'Amphibious'

Inition News

'...Inition's Asia Pacific office worked closely with Komodo Films and Fu Works providing consultancy on pre-production, storyboards, camera and monitoring equipment plus stereography during production. Amphibious was shot in challenging conditions in Jakarta over a two month period. Inition's Head of Production for the Asia Pacific, Markus Stone, was the lead stereographer and headed the 3D department. Markus commented, "This was a complex 3D shoot, and was produced in often challenging conditions including the Javanese jungle, on board a boat and in a studio that was a humid 36 degrees every day with the air conditioners turned on. It just goes to show that great 3D is possible on a budget..."

Blue skies for 3D

Encore Magazine / mUmbrella

'...According to Inition's senior 3D creative Markus Stone, filmmakers want to know how it will all work, visualising how it will tie in the on set production team with the post workflow. "Producers want to know how much it will cost, while directors are generally interested in the creative employment of 3D for the story" said Stone. "Inition helps them determine what equipment and personnel they might need, and consult on sorting out the pipeline. They can supply 3D services to a feature film, or be the entire production house for a smaller project. They also offer training services, mostly aimed at academic institutions...."

Bait 3D makes $20m at Chinese box office

Encore Magazine / mUmbrella

'...Australian Singapore co-production Bait 3D, a sharksploitation disaster film continues its strong run at the Chinese box office, taking nearly $20m with over 2.77m tickets purchased. The film is ranked number one and its success has meant the producers have already announced a second...."

Shark thriller lands a spot in Venice line-up

Encore Magazine / mUmbrella

'...THE Australian sharks-in-a-shopping-centre genre film, Bait 3D, has been selected to screen out of competition at the 69th Venice International Film Festival. It's great news for the thriller starring Xavier Samuel, Julian McMahon, Sharni Vinson, Alex Russell and Lincoln Lewis as Hollywood heads to Venice, Toronto, then the Academy Awards..."

Walking with Dinosaurs: "Making Of" Documentary and Live Show


'...Over the weekend, I happened to be watching PBS and caught a pretty amazing documentary about Walking with Dinosaurs, a BBC series that first aired about 10 years ago. The six-part documentary used a lot of computer generated graphics, combined with animatronics. The series was intended to be like the movie Jurassic Park, but presented as a nature documentary… and was very popular..."

Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at BAIT 3D

3D Focus

'...In this exclusive interview, stereographer Markus Stone, Head of Production for Inition Asia Pacific and Mike Gabrawy, Head of Production from Arclight Films, provide some fascinating behind-the-scenes insights..."

Bait 3D opens number one at Chinese box office

Screen Australia Media Release 16/10/2012

'...The action thriller Bait 3D has had a spectacular opening in China, takiing the number one position at the box office and grossing US$2 million on its first day of release. After only 3 days in release, the film has now reached US$7.2 million in box office takings..."