Walking with Dinosaurs

Directing & Writing

Based on the successful BBC television series, "Walking with Dinosaurs: the arena spectacular" is a gigantic show featuring 16 life-sized animatronic dinosaur puppets the like of which has never seen before. Of course at the time, creating life sized dinosaurs with realistic movement was something that no-one had ever achieved before.

An elite team of Special Effects artists and animatronics wizards were given 12 months to create 16 life-sized free-roaming and free-roaring dinosaurs.

My task was to document the trials and tribulations of our team as they are put to the test in attempting to bring the dinosaurs back to life! I spent 9 months shooting, interviewing, writing and editing to create a film that is truly a unique window into life inside a high end special effects workshop.

The 45 minute version of this documentary has screened on free to air television in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe as a driver for ticket sales. The 90 minute version forms part of the merchandise for the show. A brief overview of the show can be seen above.

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