Spaceport Transformation


This was a visual effects test I created from some footage I shot while going up one of the scariest chairlifts in the world on Tianmen Mountain, a holy mountain in China. It is the longest mountain chairlift in the world which climbs almost 1.3km into the clouds, sometimes reaching gradients of 37 degrees.

My aim was to transform the scene before me into something completely alien. This reminded me of a water tower I had shot while posting a movie in Belgium.

Tracking in 3D was required to place the towers in 3D space, along with a judicious management of fog and shadows cast, as well as making masks for foreground, mid-ground and background foliage. The sky was replaced with a colour treated image of the surface of Venus and some judiciously placed foreground clouds.

Using the 3D track, I was able to place a simple spaceship into the scene that scales appropriately as it receeds. The exhaust trail is a 2D Particle generator, showing how well the 2D and 3D tracks match.