Sirens Fragrance

Directing & Writing

This piece was created as part of a test sequence for a TVC for 'Sirens', a ladies fragrance.

Shot in just half an hour with only myself and the model the result is fairly spectacular.

Of course the secret sauce is in the post production on this one, and there was plenty involved.

Firstly I ran everything through a slomo plugin to give the footage the 'weight' needed. Tracking the camera movement came next. Given that there was not a single cloud in the original sky and everything in frame (except the rocks in the foreground) moved during the shot it was not as straightforward as you'd may assume. From this, mattes for the sky, the mermaid and the ball in her hand were created.

I then created the mermaid's 'tail' asset in 3D Studio Max, which was adapted from an existing textured fish. To attach the tail, I made sure there was enough overlap for a gentle feathering to blend the textures. A little animation gave it some life during the shots.

The 'energy sprites' surrounding the ball energy were created as textured spheres in 3D Studio Max and animated there before being brought in to After Effects

The sky was a composite of a number of different shots and the sun-beams were constructed from various lens flare elements.

Lightening elements were created by playing with a colour inverted shot of a puffy cloud to give it a sense of being lit from within and animating a mask to reveal different portions of the cloud as the lightening travels through it. The strikes themselves were created from After Effects Advanced Lightening Plugin.

The explosion itself was constructed from various expanding spheres, lens flares and a water element I shot on a greenscreen by throwing water at a glass plate to get a sense of seawater hitting the lens (subtle detail, but it makes all the difference).

A little sound design and there you have it.