PLANTing for the Future TVC

Directing, Writing & VFX

This was part of visual Effects Test I conducted for an environmental ad campaign. Most shots required 2d tracking and masks in Mocha, and all were slowed down in Twixtor. However, by far the most complicated was the first shot.

The actual bubble from the day was lacking in lustre and visual appeal and required replacing with a CG bubble for better control. Removing the original bubble meant replacing the background which should be simple, except that the leaf, hand, face and camera all move slightly during the passage of the bubble.

In the end I used separate elements and combined them to make the background. The CG Bubble was created and tracked over the new (clean) background with HDR lighting and reflection mapping as well as a refracting texture to distort the background slightly as the bubble passes in front.

I then used the image of the CG bubble to feed into After Effects' particle simulator to add to the many actual bubbles, which allowed me to add another layer with the "O2" text appearing to float inside the bubbles.