Oris Luxury Watches

Directing & Cinematography

Oris Luxury Watches Launched a new limited 'Royal Flying Doctors' edition prestige watch at a gala event in Melbourne with legendary Jazz musician James Morrison. The watches were hot off the press , and so there was a need for some product shots to showcase the new design.

I set up a lighting system that would accentuate the luxury brand and allow them to be shot in macro rotisserie style with shallow depth of field. It really is something to see a detail that is no more than 3mm across fill the screen.

For the final presentation, the client required a shot of a black cloth being pulled back to reveal the display case with the watch. Unfortunately, it didn't happen as planned on the day. To save the day I used a green-screen set and a black cloth with a perspective match to replicate the effect from a locked off shot of the cabinet. In the end, the result was seamless and the client were very happy.