Beth Jennings Photography Pozible Campaign

Directing & VFX

Photographer and entrepreneur Beth Jennings had a project; she wanted to foment a revolution in amateur photographers to match the digital revolution in their equipment.

Too many people had come out the other side of the digital photography revolution in disarray. With film, people would shoot sparingly and meticulously preserve the 'keepers' in photo albums.

But with digital photography, snappers tend to shoot incessantly firing off hundreds of shots in the hope that one will be 'a good one'. With thousands of similar shots, we never take the time to find the one we really want to keep and the result is a muddle of folders of photos that no-one can be bothered looking at or tweaking until they disappear forever in a hard drive failure. Paradoxically, preservation and celebration of those family moments has decreased as access to the technology has increased.

Beth's goal was to create a book called 'Memories at your fingertips' that addressed those concerns, funding the project via a pozible campaign.

The campaign video I created for her was a small shoot, just me and the client. Being the sole crew member allowed an intimacy that fostered a more relaxed atmosphere with a nervous client, and therefore a better performance than would have been possible with a larger crew. Post production was embellished by a few simple visual effects on the titles to create a very polished final product for a modest budget.

After 21 days, the campaign was successful and I'm pleased to say that the book is now a reality! It was launched at Michael's Camera Store in Street Melbourne on 8th June. You'll find 'Memories at your fingertips' under ISBN 9780987358110 and also coming out soon on

Well done Beth!